PNE 1-1 Watford

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Comments from the Gaffer!

We started slowly and our tactic of knocking it long with Andy breaking of there last defender fell flat after the first 10 min's. It was obvious to me that with Watford keeping a strong back line with a deep lying central midfield player that that tactic wasn't going to work!. So it was every credit to you guys that you listen and started playing the ball out of defence to feet! As the first half wore on i could see we were worrying them especially down the right flank. A good chat at half time of more of the same and that we had to increase the tempo soon paid off and what a goal it was.

To me it was finest"Team" goal we have ever scored it was everything i dreamed about as your manger the ball was played out of defence and a couple of neat exchanges of passes so deep cross knocked in to the far post and there was Andy to finished of a great move with a great goal!. That was great a moment for me personally it had quality written all over it and to be honest we should have then gone on to win the game after that. But every credit to Watford they staid strong and deserved their bit of luck As for us we just didn't produce enough quality balls in to the box when we had chance.

But that's not to take anything away from us. It's hugh learning curve for allot of you and your doing great. If we can continue to play football when we have the chance then i think we have enough in us to keep up with the leaders in this Division. I hope you all think about your game today and think were can i improve. That's what we have to do we have to keep going and keep working at it and i am sure we will only get better.

Thanks for your efforts today and thanks for listening to me at half time because you really took the game to them in the second half. I know i have ago sometimes but it's only because i want it so badly for you guys but it's never anything personnel so thanks again for your support. I work really hard for you guys but i know you all support me.







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