Hull City 0-5 Preston North End

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This was a big big win for Preston. Hull City who had impressed us in the fixture at our place was a difficult side to play and it was with trepidation that we set foot in to the tigers den for this fixture.

The ground was right next to the K.C Stadium where our professional team was to do battle later in the day. The kick off was set at 12 noon so we had the luxury of setting off at am instead of the customary 6 am.

The problems with the weather around Humberside meant we had to play this fixture on astroturf. But we had prepared well for this and with John and Dave our two main players available for this fixture we set off in confident mood.

We arrived in plenty of time so our pre match warm up was good and come kick off time we were ready and waiting. Brian Ellis out local sports reporter was also in attendance to watch this fixture.

Kicking off towards the sports centre end we immediately took the game to our opponents. We new we could let the home team settle so we attack the ball at every opportunity. But when we did have time on the ball we did what we do best and that's getting the ball down and getting at them down the flanks.

Andy Dodwell the leading scorer in the IFA is usually the one that benefits the most from this tactic and it was him that opens the scoring after 20 minutes. The same player was also brought down for the pen that so we go into a half time with a 2-0 lead.

I could see that the Hull City lads were still down as the second half got underway and we took full advantage as we ripped into them straight for the kick off. But Chris our goalkeeper and later man of the match showed how much he as improved by keeping Hull City at bay as they finally came to life.

For a while the game flowed from end to end but the sight of a numerous coaches full of Preston North End fans pulling into the car park was just the kick start the lads needed to finally kill the game off.

Three further goals followed and when the final whistle went the celebration took place in front of the Preston fans that had got off the coaches to come over and watch their "Fans Team" in action.



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